A better way to move

Using a shipping container for your move can make your move easier, and less expensive, than doing it all yourself or contracting with a moving company. We’ll bring a container to your home or site and place it wherever you like. Then, pack it to the gills with anything and everything! Remember, our containers are airtight, watertight, and secure—which keeps your stuff protected against the elements, rodents and bugs, even thieves.


You’d be surprised how much you can fit into a 20-foot container, or even a smaller model. (Trust us—it’s a lot.) And when you’re done loading, we’ll pick up your container, load it onto a truck, and deliver it almost anywhere in the country. It’s just that easy.


Be careful when considering your options

Of course, other companies offer similar services for moving, but it’s important to evaluate everything thoroughly. This is your life you’re packing up and moving, after all. Don’t you want to make sure your most important possessions are safe and protected? If you’re thinking about using a container (or container-style) service, you’ll want to ask whether your temporary storage is water-resistant or truly waterproof, check security options, and more.


Thousands of success stories

We’ve helped thousands of customers move, and our friendly team will help walk you through the process. We won’t sell you something you don’t need, and you can be sure we won’t hold your stuff hostage and ask you for more money in the middle of your move—we’ve all heard those horror stories before. We’re experts when it comes to using shipping containers for moves, and we’re good people, too.


We can’t make moving fun—but we can make it easier

If someone promises you that you’ll love moving with them, you might want to think twice. We don’t promise that you’ll love moving with us, because nobody really even likes moving. But we can promise that the process will be straightforward, we’ll answer your questions until you feel confident you can trust us, and we’ll take a lot of the hassle out of your move. Our ultimate goal is to help you quickly get on with your life so you can enjoy your new place.