Other Applications

Countless possibilities for your business.

Shipping containers provide secure, cost-effective solutions for all kinds of businesses, from extra storage for retail stores to structures used for pop-up restaurants and shops. What does your business need? Our experienced team can help find the right solution—and help you achieve your goals.


Inventory storage

In order to maximize the profitability of their floor space, retailers that sell seasonal goods often need to move off-season products out of the store. They also want in-season products close at hand to quickly replace sold inventory. A shipping container used as secure on-site storage is perfect for these purposes; hidden behind or to the side of the building, it provides easy access to products—reducing the need to order (and wait for) new inventory, and allowing them to use valuable floor space for products that are most likely to sell.


Large equipment storage

Landscaping companies and other businesses with equipment such as riding lawnmowers, tractors, even golf carts, use shipping containers to protect their valuable assets from the elements—and from theft. It’s easier and more cost-effective than building a structure, and lease or rental expenses usually can be written off. (Note that we are container professionals, not tax professionals. So please contact your tax advisor for actual guidance on things like that.)


Other goods

Similar to homeowners, some business simply use shipping containers as a kind of self-storage unit that is on site and easier to access. They might keep excess office furniture, files, or other items that aren’t used every day. A container also can be a good option during an office renovation or repairs.


Pop-up businesses

It’s becoming more common to see shipping containers used for pop-up retail stores and restaurants; we’ve even seen some converted into trailers and used as food trucks. The customization options, portability, and price advantages of containers make them ideal for these purposes. And if we can’t customize it to your needs, we’ll help you find someone who can.



Obviously, our containers can be used to transport goods on ships, trains, or trucks—but you already knew that.