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Shipping container solutions in Missoula for protection from the Montana elements



In Missoula, shipping containers are growing more popular with businesses of all kinds—from builders to farmers—and even with homeowners who simply want a sturdy shed or shop on their property. That’s because containers are durable, portable, and offer other benefits such as customization, cold-storage options, and more.  

Our local yard offers a selection of new and used containers on site, with competitive pricing for both purchasing and renting. We can deliver right to your location and pick up the container whenever needed (for example, after your project ends or you’ve loaded up for a move). And our approach to sales and service is honest and straightforward: We don’t use pressure, we make sure you understand your options, and we help find the solution that’s best for you.

Contact us today at or (406) 589-8751 to talk about your needs or project—or keep reading to learn more about our containers.


Builders and contractors use shipping containers on all kinds of projects, whether they need a field office, a secure place to store equipment and supplies, or even a walkway “tunnel” when it’s necessary to provide public pedestrian access around a site during construction.

Our containers can be stacked two-high and customized with doors, windows, and power—we can even add your company logo. From standard containers (20 and 40 feet) to specialty options (10 and 15 feet), our pricing is competitive and our service is stellar.


Containers are ideal for farms and related businesses, such as food processors and distributors, thanks to their security and customization options. Need cold storage? You’ve got it, complete with a 24-hour emergency line for breakdowns. Want a place to keep equipment, ATVs, or even just hay out of the elements—and safe from intrusions by unwanted animals (or humans, for that matter)? Shipping containers can last up to 30 years even when fully exposed, and they’re rodent-proof, too. Whether you need a long-term solution or temporary overflow storage, we can help.


Containers can be useful for a variety of other businesses as well: any organization that needs excess storage for equipment or a place for employees to work in the field, for example.

But containers are actually the foundation of a business for some customers. Because they are so secure and portable—and they can be stacked two-high to boot—we’ve seen people create their own self-storage facilities with them.


Property owners in Missoula often have ATVs, boats, classic cars, bikes, and all kinds of other toys—and storing all of them can be a hassle. With a shipping container lightening the load, your quads, kayaks, and outdoor gear won’t be crowding that old Mustang in the garage. Some of our customers use their containers to securely store guns, while others have even buried them to create a shelter with emergency supplies. Thanks to COR-TEN steel and plywood flooring that meets marine standards, those will stand ready for a long time.

Of course, customizing a container to create a super-shed or expanded shop is a popular option, especially since you can add power, heating, and insulation. (You should want to hang out in your shop, right?)

Containers are also perfect for things you might not expect, including moves—we can drop off a unit, pick it up after you load it, and transport it to your new place.

Whatever you need, our experts can help.

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