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Today’s shipping containers are made to meet the unique needs of homeowners, businesses, and beyond. Whether you want long-term safe storage for your residential property, seasonal cold storage for your company, or anything in between, the friendly experts at Mountain Container can find the right fit for you.



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Containers are a popular choice for homeowners who need more robust and spacious storage than a shed provides, but don’t want the hassle of an off-site storage unit. They’re also ideal for moving—we drop it off, you pack it, and then we’ll move it wherever you’re going. First time considering a container? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you figure it all out.

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From portable offices to cargo transportation, the business applications for containers are nearly endless. Many companies use them for temporary on-site storage, including refrigerated units for produce and other temperature-sensitive goods, and they can be customized for a wide variety of long-term uses, too.

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Our goal isn’t to make a sale—it’s to ensure you are fully satisfied. We don’t consider our work done until you are 100% happy. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. And we don’t confuse you with fine print and technical talk. We’re responsive, straightforward, knowledgeable experts dedicated to making your experience seamless.


We offer containers for sale, along with long-term leases and short-term rentals. Our friendly staff will walk you through your options, including financing, and answer all your questions.