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Spokane is the hub of the Inland Northwest—but with more than 80,000 square miles stretching from Washington into Northern Idaho and Western Montana, this region has even more to offer. Stunning natural beauty and open spaces. Thriving businesses in a variety of industries. People who work hard and play hard.

At Mountain Container, we serve the people and businesses of the Inland Northwest with solutions to keep their outdoor toys secure (like ATVs), provide space to work in the field (on construction sites, for example), or even just create a unique place to tackle personal projects (such as a residential shop or shed).

Built to last from COR-TEN steel, shipping containers can serve all of those purposes—along with countless others. We’ve got an office and container yard right here in the Lilac City, and thanks to our Hammar trailer system, delivery and pickup is convenient and easy.

Keep reading to see what you could do with a shipping container, or get in touch to start the conversation! We’re at or (509) 505-7662.


There are more than 2,500 farms in Spokane County alone, and agriculture in the area is estimated to generate over $1 billion in annual revenue. That’s a lot of growing, processing, and distributing—it usually means a lot of storage needs, too. Because they are fully customizable, shipping containers offer a wealth of benefits for agribusiness, including secure cold storage. Aerospace companies often use this feature as well.

Whether you need ongoing storage or short-term capacity, our animal-proof and weather-tight refrigerated containers are available with 3-phase 460v 30 amp power requirements (and 3-phase 230v 50 amp options by request), come in 20- and 40-foot sizes, and include access to a 24/7 emergency line for quick response in case of a breakdown or other issue.


Looking for the ultimate shop or shed? Need to keep your dirt bikes, ATVs, and other toys out of the elements—without taking up all the space in your garage? Containers have more uses for homeowners than you might think (including underground emergency shelters for at least a few of our customers), and they’re far stronger than what you get with those DIY kits. Add windows, power, maybe cooling and heating, and you’ve got a nice little escape where you can get some work done.

Shipping containers even make moving better, believe it or not. With our Hammar trailer, which features a side-loading crane, we can drop off a container even in spots that are hard to reach. After you fill it, we come back and pick it up, loading it level so your stuff stays safe. Then we deliver it to your new home or office (please contact us for details on transportation options and availability). You probably still aren’t going to like moving, but you’ll hate it less.


Containers are useful for other businesses, too—including construction companies, contractors, and firms that need to store equipment or provide a field office for workers. They can be stacked two-high, customized with doors and windows, even equipped with power, AC, and heat. We’ve seen customers use containers to start their own business ventures, creating self-storage facilities on their property.

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