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“Keep Portland weird” may be a rallying cry for the Rose City, but there’s nothing strange about why PDX attracts so many people: Set in a prime natural location with easy access to both the ocean and mountains, the city is renowned for its arts, culture, and livability.

Its business climate is strong, too, with tech, health sciences, manufacturing, and other industries playing key roles. Construction usually thrives in booming areas as well, and with planned redevelopment projects around the Rose Quarter and Lloyd Center, that is proving true in Portland.

All of it means more people, more business, more stuff—and that’s where we come in. At Mountain Container, our shipping containers help companies protect their products and equipment, give homeowners extra storage or shop space, and even make moving easier.

We’ve got a great selection of new and used containers at our yard in Portland. Keep reading to learn more about container solutions, and then start the conversation about your project at or (503) 320-3437.


Statewide, Oregon has more than 4,000 farms and over $5 billion in estimated agricultural revenue annually. While the bulk of the growing takes place outside of Portland, much of the processing happens here—and the Port of Portland is a vital part of handling and shipping these products. Agriculture businesses (among others such as grocers, distributors, and even aerospace companies) utilize cold storage to protect product and maintain freshness. And many farmers in the state market directly to consumers, so they don’t hand their harvest off to a distribution company; they’ve got to store and process it themselves.    

Our refrigerated containers are either 20 or 40 feet, with 3-phase 460v 30 amp power requirements (or upon request, 3-phase 230v 50 amp). We have competitive rates and an emergency breakdown line that is monitored 24 hours a day—because we know reliability and quick service is crucial for businesses with cold storage.


Whether your company is building in Portland or you’re part of the growth in surrounding areas like Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Vancouver, Mountain Container offers solutions for field offices, secure storage, job-site pedestrian walkways, and more. Our containers come in standard 20- and 40-foot sizes, but we have 10- and 16-footers available as well—all of which can be stacked two-high, emblazoned with your logo, customized with doors and windows, and wired for power. Even better, our Hammar trailer (one of the few in this region) gives you flexibility and convenience when it comes to container delivery and pickup; you don’t even need to empty your container for us to move it safely.


Homeowners use containers to store outdoor gear and toys, from kayaks to classic cars; they create shops and sheds with windows, power, heating, and air conditioning; some have even buried them for use as an emergency shelter. Featuring marine-quality plywood floors and strong COR-TEN steel construction, our containers offer protection from the elements, rodents, and other unwelcome intruders. You might be surprised at what you can do!  


You’ll also be surprised at how much easier residential and office moves can be with a shipping container. (Note that we said easier, because moving is never exactly easy.) Our Hammar trailer features a side-loader crane that allows us to drop off and pick up containers in places that usually would be hard to reach. We bring it by, you fill it up, and we safely move it to your new place. (That’s a bit simplified, as availability can vary based on distance and other factors, but it really is a better way to move.) And because shipping containers are steel, they’re more secure than other similar options you might have seen around town.

What could you do with a shipping container? Let’s talk about the possibilities.

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