Garage work table with tools and equipment on shelves and hanging on the wall.

Super Sheds



Prefab and do-it-yourself sheds are great for certain applications—for example, if you just need a place to put the lawnmower and some tools, there are lots of inexpensive options that will serve your needs (maybe not for 25 years, like a container, but for a while at least). If you’re in the Tacoma area and are looking for shed storage a container garage may be the perfect option. Many homeowners across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, choose shipping containers from Mountain Containers for their size, durability, and flexibility, which allow for a wide variety of uses.



There’s a reason you see self-storage places everywhere: We all have a lot of stuff. But self-storage means driving that stuff somewhere, unloading it, and then driving back to the unit whenever you want something from it. A shipping container is the ultimate self-storage, because it’s right on site. They are particularly handy for short-term storage of furniture and other household items during home renovation or repair projects. Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk out to the back yard instead of driving to your storage unit? It is—and we can say that from experience. It’s nice to have your garage back, too. The other alternative? Getting rid of a bunch of stuff, and we all know how unlikely that is. If you need help finding your storage solutions in the Tacoma area and beyond, check out our container garage options.



Have a riding lawnmower or a tractor? Other equipment that is too big for a standard shed and takes up too much space in the garage? A container might be a perfect fit—with plenty of space inside, protection from the elements, and the ability to stop people from helping themselves to your tools (we mean thieves, not that annoying neighbor who’s always borrowing something). We offer a selection of shipping container for garages or shed storage to Tacoma and the states surrounding Washington. To expand your space and create custom storage solutions call Mountain Containers.



In addition to storage for your stuff, a shipping container can give you space for a workshop or even a hobby room. They can be wired for electric, which means you can use your power tools, add lighting and air conditioning for comfort, and maybe even put a TV out there for a bit of a man-cave or she-shed vibe.